Thursday, August 28, 2014

2014 Fantasy Football Spreadsheets Are Up!

The main reason to visit this site is the spreadsheets. Draft Day, Roster Management, Pick Em (with and without the spread).

And I'm happy to announce "The new spreadsheets are here! The new spreadsheets are here! I'm somebody."And they're all available under the Spreadsheets menu tab above.

Pick Em Tracking
All 17 weeks of the 2014 NFL schedule are in here. You just mark your team each week, and then come back and enter the scores to see how you did.  I use this to make my picks once each week, and then go off to the various contests (lots of free contests to join are listed to the right on the sidebar). I also track my survivor pools this way.

Your pick em uses the point spread? No problem. I have a spreadsheet for that too!

UPDATE 9/17/2014 - I've updated the two pick em spreadsheets with conditional formatting (winning team bolds after scores are entered) and tracking (for favorites and home team winners) is now automatic on the Records tab. 

Draft Day
I take rankings from four sources (ESPN, NFL, Fox and Fantasy Pros) and average them for each position: QB, RB, WR, TE, K and D. I also have the current depth charts for the AFC and NFC.

One tool for your fantasy draft!

Roster Management
Once your drafts are over, you can use the roster management spreadsheet to manage your team. And you can customize the scoring for each.

OK, here's a hyperlink to get you to the same tab: SPREADSHEETS TAB!!

You're welcome.