Thursday, August 20, 2009

Draft Day Spreadsheet

My 2010 Draft Day spreadsheet is ready on MediaFire (my hosting site): FF-2011 Draft Day.xls

Feel free to give it a try. I've been tweaking this one for years.

Here is an explanation of each tab:

Draft League - I use this when following the draft for my fantasy league. I copy and paste the player selected in each round under the owner's column. The positions are also color coded. They're currently in my rank order - I like the rankings and tips from Fantasy Source Football from the SportingNews. It's well worth the $19.95 per year for all of their insight. I also love their player tracking (you can track multiple fantasy teams), injury updates, sit/start tips and their player star ratings each week.

Draft - this is where I keep track of my own picks. I start with a strategy of which positions to draft first, but change that as the live draft progresses. I also follow the bye weeks of my selections to make sure I'm not too vulnerable for any one week.

Bye - just a quick chart of what teams are off on the various bye weeks to check when I'm plotting.

Depth-AFC - It's the current depth charts for all 16 teams in the AFC. Remember to tweak every few days in the preseason because it's always changing. This is helpful when selecting in later rounds - you still want a starter!

Depth-NFC - Current depth charts for the 16 NFC teams.

QB - Quarterbacks in rank order, with other helpful info like last year's stats. I like the SportingNews info here again. On Draft Day, I can delete players as they're taken (or use the font strikethrough), so I can plan my next few picks based on who's left in each position.

RB - Running Backs in rank order with last year's stats.

WR - Wide Receivers in rank order.

TE - Tight Ends in rank order.

K - Kickers in rank order.

D - Defenses in rank order.

Rookies - Rookies to watch. QB Matt Ryan was a rookie last year. You never know who will step up this year!

Sleepers - I haven't done my research this year, but they're always fun to track so you can choose one in the late, late rounds.

This is the only spreadsheet I need on draft day. I keep a template and reuse for each league.

Tell me what you think!


melaniet42 said...

I *heart* you! I have a spreadsheet I've been using, but this with all its tabs has SO much more information in one place! I found even with my spreadsheet I have at least one other (if not two) sources open during the draft. I do a lot of alt+tab-ing.

Mike said...

I've uploaded an updated spreadsheet today (9-06-2009).